Whence “The Roadshow”?

Hi there, welcome to my site. Although most of my blogging and social media activity is taking place elsewhere, I may occasionally post more personal commentary here. For now the only content is the About Me page which probably borders on the ludicrously long, but hopefully has enough entertaining nuggets to justify itself.

Why is this blog called The Roadshow?

I have had many nicknames over the years, especially ones around the alliteration in my name. My favorite without doubt, though, was The Roadshow. I believe it was Paul Souza, now at Google, who came up with it while we were colleagues at iPhrase. Roadshows have a few meanings, from finance meetings for a new offering, to PR tours, but in this case it referred to all the sales calls we were doing. Paul was the bag-carrying sales guy and I was the product manager, out evangelizing, getting real-world feedback, and -oh yes- selling with the credibility that not being officially in sales affords. We made a good team.

Since those days I could never wait to get in front of real people -users, clients, investors, doesn’t matter who as long as they aren’t on the payroll or otherwise at risk of groupthink- to learn from, evangelize, and interact with them.

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